NodeJS quick sum up July 2011

This is my sum up about NodeJS on July 2011, base on some slides (of geeks in my list from BarCamp Saigon 2011). Just a fastfood of what NodeJS is, why is get buzz at the moment.



  • JS and C++ code
    + and commonJS module mechanism 
    ——–> on NodeJS binding (http socket IO …)
    ——–>——–> on JS engine V8 + ThreadPool-libIO + EventLoop-libEV + …
  • programming style: evented with callback function, no thread
  • non blocking IO
  • DB support: mongodb couchdb mysql redis
  • package (module of NodeJS) is NPM (not available on Windows?)
  • IDE support: bad, no great debugger, can use cloud9 online IDE
  • hosting: joyent heroku cloudfoundry dotcloud


when to use it?

  • chat/messaging
  • real-time applications
  • intelligent proxies
  • high concurrency applications
  • communication hubs
  • coordinators


something bad

  • so young, immature
  • lots of stuffs to look at, must lookup API from internet, and remember yourself (function name, parameter, …)
  • retro compatibility, API is (frequently) subject to change
  • hard to find organized (and centralized) and authoritative information