Fullstack Senior .NET developer in Vietnam

You should know most of these if you want to be called Senior .NET developer in Vietnam labor market. In return might be 1300$+++ net salary (from a source of one headhunter firm).


  • Proficient .NET 4/4.5 + ASP.NET Web API + SQL
  • Good JavaScript skills.
  • Proficient writing UTs with mocking.
  • Good OOP.
  • Basic knowledge or experience of using IoC container. (StructureMap)
  • Basic knowledge or experience of design pattern.
  • Knowledge or experience of NoSQL is a plus point.


  • AngularJS – front-end framework.
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 – grid layout & responsive CSS.
  • Telerik Kendo UI – HTML5 widgets & controls.
  • RequireJS – JS module loader & dependency injection
  • LESS – CSS compiler.
  • R.js – RequireJS optimizer
  • Gulp.js or Grunt.js – Build system
  • Bower – JS package management.
  • Karma & Jasmine & Phantom.JS – JS unit test framework & runner & browser simulator for test run.
  • JSHint – JS code style check.

Web API back-end

  • .NET 4.5
  • ASP.NET Web API – REST API framework
  • ASP.NET Identity – Web authentication
  • OWIN Katana – Light-weight web framework
  • SimpleInjector – Fast & light-weight IoC container
  • NUnit/xUnit – Unit Test framework & runner.
  • Moq – Mocking framework
  • Quartz.net – Task Scheduler
  • MassTransit + RapidMQ – .NET service bus working on message queue.
  • ElasticSearch – Full-text search engine.



EPiServer tuyển người – Hà Nội

EPiServer is the world’s fastest growing provider of Web Content Management (WCM) and online social community platforms. Over 3000 customers worldwide use EPiServer CMS to create collaborative, engaging and attractive websites. The platform EPiServer CMS is the foundation of more than 9000 websites and is used on a daily basis by over 130,000 web editors. It enables true web engagement which allows customers to turn passive web visits into dynamic, personalized web experiences that drive new revenues. EPiServer delivers its WCM platform through a network of more than 340 competent partner companies in 25 countries.

Founded in 1994, the company has offices in the USA, Sweden Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and the UK.


Attached to this mail you will find five different profiles,

  • Profile Software Test Automation Engineer
  • Profile Software Tester
  • Profile Web Designer, User Interaction Designer
  • Profile Web User Interface Developer
  • Profile Product Support Developer

As the Development Manager coming to Hanoi on the January the 22 it is important for candidates to apply ASAP.

Send your CV to pelle[dot]niklasson[at]episerver.com