Microsoft Windows Phone 7, all in one (release) day (tổng hợp)


Windows Phone 7 unveiled: First impressions

What’s inside the first Windows Phone 7 devices?

Video: Windows Phone 7 launches in New York

Video: Ballmer talks WP7, iPhone, Android, and Microsoft tablets

Already Planned: Copy/Paste Support for Windows Phone 7 (how to) (early 2011)

Windows Phone 7 Ads Save Us From Our Phones [VIDEO]
Read more (How Microsoft plans to sell Windows Phone 7 )

Windows Phone 7 debuts: One phone won’t rule them all

Windows Phone 7 official: Oct 21 in Europe, Nov 7 in North America

Around the world, release plan

Video: (LG Quantum Hands on)

Video: (Samsung Focus Hands on) (HTC 7 Mozart and Samsung Omnia 7) (HTC 7, on October 21st) (AT&T Windows Phone 7 family)


(Cập nhật) Tổng hợp toàn bộ về Windows Phone 7

10 chiếc Windows Phone 7 ra mắt cho bạn chọn

Dân chơi Windows Mobile tản mát dần

HTC tung ra tới 5 mẫu điện thoại thông minh chạy hệ điều hành Windows Phone 7 mới

Samsung, LG và Dell cũng tung ra các mẫu di động chạy Windows Phone 7


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