Why Google Buzz will Succeed – Vì sao Google Buzz sẽ được dùng nhiều

Buzz is more “seem-to-be-right” than Wave.

MOST important: Use Buzz in Gmail, an everyday-should-open-address.

Buzz and Wave are different services, carry different objectives of Google, Twitter copycat vs. real-time collaborations. Big problem of Wave is that it wasn’t integrated into Gmail, so I have to open new tab in browser, type new strange address and hit enter, what I don’t like.

Every Google’s user has Gmail along with its address book, and Gmail is a place for people to COMPOSE something (write mail, chat, …), others are READ-oriented services. Whenever I want to share or talk or collaborate (using Google service), I type “gmail”, [enter]

And the other things that I think Buzz will be OK are:

  1. Buzz uses Gmail address book, no need to invite or do some strange tasks and wait like Wave
  2. Buzz is so simple, everyone can click “Allow” to Google pop-out message, and then buzz. It’s also simple enough to integrated to mobile software immediately
  3. Fill the gap between Twitter and Facebook, has comment –> conversation thread, and lack of spam Friend4Sale, Farm, Genie …
  4. A lot of content when user start to use. Buzz united Google Services’ activities of user. Upload a photo, read an article, … friends will know and converse. After import tweets, Buzz account virtually has a lot of status, so people has story to comment

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