Shallow analysis MAP API service in Vietnam

Search “Ba Trieu” and return 30 Results, good
Fast response for searching
“Reverse” zoom tool, the zoom+ button is at bottom, and the zoom- is at top, WHY? like Yahoo?
Having API, I will try


not good search, searh Tran Quoc Toan –> not found
search seems to be base on “point of interest” on their own database
no API, but they have widget, and really open to talk and modify for other to mashup
I think: “he he he”: skydoor “sync copy” image from Google Map Maker, so they have really good street data


Search is not easy to use, too many mandatory criterias I need to fill before I can search
map is not update (you can not file Hoang Ngan street in Hanoi)
some “fake” city, can not choose Lao Cai, Kon Tum, Yen Bai
lack of API

flash render, javascript – flash interaction
fast, good search
map is not update (you can not find Hoang Ngan street in Hanoi)
do not have public API to search and display/navigate
a lot of city in city combobox, but almost does not have detail map (street map). Only big city like Hanoi, Hai Phong, HCM has street map

Focus only in Point of Interest (POI) in HCM?
Bad search tool
Bad navigation UI
Only HCM map? (I used in 10 minutes and can not browse more)
also bad help center here: , only 2 pics
has API, but who want to use if they only have data in HCM?


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